Most of you should know my background, but if you don't here is a quick synopsis.  BS in Aero Engineering from San Jose State University.  Joined the Navy to fly off carriers as a fighter pilot, Top Gun graduate and retired as a Commander.  Flew in the airline industry for 32 years and was a Captain for TWA and American.  The last nine years as an armed pilot working for ICE.  Retired on October 2011 and was elected to Arlington City Council in May of 2012.

The reason that I ran for office is that I felt that I could make a difference in North Arlington.  I have worked tirelessly for the last four years to represent you, and in the meantime build a better Arlington.  I have seen our neighborhoods deteriorate and I have gotten rid of gangs in North Arlington, no more gun shots in the apartments at night.  I have fought to have three apartments knocked down, soon to be a fourth, and be replaced by a $200 million investment in our community.  I have tried to increase the standard of living of our senior citizens by forming an Economic Development Corporation that will fund and build a state of the art Senior Center at Pierce Burch off of Green Oaks.  You will ultimately fund this project through an election in November.  I supported D.R. Horton in moving to North Arlington.  The only Fortune 500 company in Arlington, and also supported the Texas Live and MGM Grand projects in my district.  North Arlington is on the cusp of development with major projects coming on line all the time.  I feel fortunate to be part of this increase in development in our city.  Making Arlington a better place to live, work and raise our children is my goal and I am fortunate to be your City Councilman.  With that in mind I am asking you for another term in office, in progress and in the evolution of our city.